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Re: Lymphatic system

Area: Immunology
Posted By: Nick Bourbaki, Collective Enigma Elucidator
Date: Fri Nov 1 16:41:06 1996
Message ID: 841610195.Im

Lymph (lymphatic fluid) comes from fluid that has collected in tissue spaces througout the body. Thus, lymph does not flow to a site, rather it flows from the tissues back to the heart. The lymphatic system is the network of lymphatic capillaries and vessels that transports this fluid back to blood circulation. Aside from bones and the nervous system all tissues have a lymphatic system.

Lymph is moved by the contraction of endothelial cells lining the lymphatic capillaries. Fluid collects in the cisterna chlyae, one of the major lymph vessels. It empties into the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian viens (now in the blood circulation) which lead to the right atrium of the heart.


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