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Re: Do ants carry disease?

Area: Zoology
Posted By: Tim Susman, Staff Zoology, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
Date: Tue Oct 15 11:16:55 1996
Message ID: 844891527.Zo

Theoretically, yes, ants can carry disease -- more likely bacteria than
viruses.  However, I can't think of a case where ants are the primary
vector of any disease.  Because of their small size and limited movement,
and the fact that most species don't bite people (and therefore can't
pass anything to the bloodstream), your chances of catching a disease
from an ant are probably less than your chances of catching 
something if you go outside and breathe deeply for about five minutes
(viruses, in particular, are much more likely to be airborne than ant-borne).

  Of course, you can reduce that risk greatly by washing any food-preparing
surfaces you've seen ants on.  And I wouldn't eat any, unless they're
commercially prepared.

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