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Re: Fossil internet sites

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Posted By: Lynn Bry, MD/PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology
Date: Fri Jan 3 03:48:25 1997
Message ID: 850488997.Ot

There are a number of sites on the Internet that show and discuss fossils. For starters you can find links to a few of them in the Paleontology section of the MadSci Library. In particular, I'd recommend my favorite site - The Burgess Shale Project. The Burgess Shale in western Canada represents one of the few sites in the world where you can see fossilized invertebrates from the Cambrian Explosion, a remarkable period of speciation that happened nearly 530 million years ago. A web search at AltaVista or Yahoo should also turn up many more sites.

-L. Bry, MadSci Admin

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