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Subject: High Density Digital Tape -- Archive Life?

Date: Thu Apr 24 02:12:57 1997
Posted by Gregg Strom
Grade level: grad
School: .
City: L.A. State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 861865977.Eg
Magnetic tape densities are getting higher and higher in commercial
digital tape drives. I know that coercivity and magnetic particle
density are also going up. BUT... [assuming no error correction or
compression -- to avoid confusion] do today's tape archive for lifetimes?

Are they better than or worse than earlier technology? What are the many
factors that affect archive-life, and can you give some actual numbers
for various technologies? Are the factors linear functions or....?

Yours on-line,
Gregg Strom

Re: High Density Digital Tape -- Archive Life?

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