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Re: How did reproduction evolve?

Area: Evolution
Posted By: Chris Yost, Grad student Microbiology
Date: Wed Jun 25 16:17:19 1997
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 866677936.Ev
Your question eludes to an area of evolution that many people have 
difficulties with.  When we observe the high degree of complexity in living 
organisms it is difficult to imagine that this complexity could arise from 
random mutations.  In fact, creationists use this point to argue against 
evolution.  But what we must understand is that evolution occurs with 
gradual cumulative changes happening over a very long time line.  
Evolution has had billions of years to occur, once we consider the enormity 
of this time line the complexities of today's organisms seem plausible in 
evolutionary terms.

 The Blind 
Watchmaker written by Richard Dawkins is an excellent book which 
illustrates how complexity can be explained by evolutionary principals.  
The url that I have linked provides chapter reviews of this book and has 
links to other evolution web pages which you may find interesting and 

Chris Yost

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