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Re: Need tech info on an old AM modulation method called 'Taylor Modulation'

Date: Wed May 27 07:54:16 1998
Posted By: Steve Czarnecki, senior technical staff member, Lockheed Martin
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 895302823.Eg

What you're asking about appears to be an early form of "companding" (compression and expanding), a technique often used these days in digital communications systems to compress the dynamic range of a voice signal and better utilize the available dynamic range of the communications channel. The phone company, for example, uses something called "mu-law" (usually written with the Greek letter mu) companding as it does a digital to analog conversion of your analog voice signal to digitized data.

All of which is interesting, but tangential to your question. Unfortunately, I can't give you any definitive information about how Taylor modulation works, but did find a lead to a publication called Electric Radio Magazine which is dedicated to discussion of antique (i.e., vacuum tube) radio equipment, with a particular focus on amateur radio. The home page includes a pointer to a downloadable index file. An online version of the index provides several references to Taylor modulation.

You might also try the internet newsgroup group for contact with kindred souls. There is a subgroup dedicated to discussion of vintage radios, as well. The FAQ contains a wealth of information on additional sources of information and parts and equipment supply related to vintage radio.


Steve Czarnecki

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