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Subject: ultra violet rays and blue glass

Date: Tue Jul 21 15:26:43 1998
Posted by Ray Dubeau
Grade level: other
School: No school entered.
City: Fort St. John State/Province: BC
Country: Canada
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 901052803.Ag

I am planning to build a greenhouse and I would like some information 
on the percentage of ultra violet light that passes through blue glass 
as I understand that clear glass stops 95% of uv rays.  I am 
interested in blue glass, because the information that I have from a 
civil war general on greenhousing and color therapy, suggests that 
blue glass has a curative effect on sick plants and animals.  
References by Ken Kern (Independent Homesteader) who has built many 
greenhouses in the southwest mentions blue glass as a positive factor 
in greenhouses.  Why?

What are the effects of ultra violet rays on plants and viruses and 
bacteria in a green house, both pro and con.  

Thank you.

Re: ultra violet rays and blue glass

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