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Re: Electrically sensitive paint

Date: Thu Sep 10 13:51:58 1998
Posted By: Uncle Al Schwartz, Organic synthetic chemist
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 902442731.Ch

In a simple word, "no."  Electrochromic systems are generally,

  1) Thermochromic cholesteric liquid crystals on a conductive backing.
Example is the battery test strip. 
  2) Nematic liquid crystal between transparent conductors viewed through a
linear polarizer - LCD displays and videocamera displays.
  3) True electrochromic displays, such as thin film WO3 and electrolyte
between transparent conductors.  Reversible reduction leads to strongly
colored tungsten bronzes.
  4) Electroluminescent displays wherein high frequency AC alternately
creates polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon radical anions and radical cations
which recombine to regenerate hydrocarbon starting materials and emit light
as the electron falls into the hole.

In no sense of the question does there exist an electrochromic paint (slap
it on, dry, go for it) which colors by mere passage of current.

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