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Re: How is the water level possible?

Date: Thu Sep 24 22:17:14 1998
Posted By: Justin Miller, Undergraduate, Computer Science, Geneva College
Area of science: Physics
ID: 906588270.Ph

Hi Aaron--

You didn't give me one key piece of info...however, I shouldn't need it.

I'm guessing by the sound of the situation that the end of the tube where 
the water level is lower is open, and the other end is closed.  Even if the 
tube is not completely open on that end, this will happen.

The reason for this is that the air pressure in the room will push the 
water down a bit if the tube is open.  This is the idea behind the 
barometer, and if the tube had markings on it, you could use it to measure 
the air pressure in the room, although mercury would be a better liquid to 
use in that case.

Hope this helps!

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