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Subject: Is there a method to remove tatoos without scarring?

Date: Sun Nov 15 20:57:40 1998
Posted by Michael Green
Grade level: grad (science)
School: LaJolla Cancer Research Foundation
City: LaJolla/SD State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 911185060.Me

I've done data base searches on your library/archives and have not 
found anything that pertains to this subject.

     This is in regards to removing tatoos from the forehead and the 
chin regions of a person's face. The tatoos were done to the victim 
when they were only 2 by their parents as part of traditional 
religious practices. In Morocco, the only method is to have them 
removed by cutting and that leaves ugly scars. Are there newer methods 
that have been developed that can remove unwanted tatoos without the 
scarring/discoloring which usually accompanies tatoo removals???
   If you respond to this question, can you give me an idea as to 
where I can get info on this which is not connected to the xxx side of 
tatooing????? While surfing the web, your's is the only hit not 
associated with the xxx......Will appreciate any help you can give me. 

Re: Is there a method to remove tatoos without scarring?

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