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Re: Is there a method to remove tatoos without scarring?

Date: Wed Nov 18 18:45:31 1998
Posted By: Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist, Pre-Med.
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 911185060.Me

Michael, The short answer to your question is no. 
The long answer is this:
There are several methods of removing and hiding tattoos used by 
dermatologists these days. The most prevalent is laser removal, where a 
red-seeking laser is used to burn away the dyes, leaving a very light scar 
when it heals.
The second is another tattoo, using a skin-colored dye, over the original 
tattoo. The dye is mixed to match surrounding skin tone and is applied 
over the tattoo, leaving no scar but sometimes not being a perfect match 
of skin tone.
I hope I have been of help, but I suggest you ask a real dermatologist.
-Danny Fletcher

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