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Subject: Plant protein and human requirements for protein

Date: Wed Apr 14 06:07:26 1999
Posted by Cesar Tello
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: New York City State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 924088046.Me


Humans are encouraged to eat well balanced meals, i.e. protein, 
carbohydrates, and fat.  Aside from minerals and certain other 
micronutrients offered by plants, are they adequate sources of 
calories and/or protein?

I've heard that some body builders eat as much as 1 gm of protein 
per lb of BW.  This seems like a lot.  Why would a body builder 
require such a diet?

Cesar Tello

Re: Plant protein and human requirements for protein

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