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Re: Can a human survive on sugar, salt and water alone?

Date: Thu Jun 3 00:10:04 1999
Posted By: Michel Ouellet, Grad student in Microbiology / Immunology (medecine)
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 925927957.Me

Hello Michelle,

This is a very good question.

And the answer is a very simple no.

For a healthy person, dextrose and sodium would be quite enough for some 
days but to stay healthy it would need calcium, potassium, proteins, some 
lipids and vitamins.

A prolonged dextrose/sodium diet is definitely not recommended... and not 
very fun either!

As for your lack of appetite, your IV sure helped a little but your 
hospitalization by itself could be the main cause...

Keep observing the world! 
From observation come question, 
From question come knowledge...



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