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Re: Does a precessing gyroscope weigh less than a stationery one?

Date: Fri Jun 11 09:08:45 1999
Posted By: Kobus Oosthuizen, Grad student, Electrical Engineering, Atio Tellecommunication
Area of science: Physics
ID: 927923913.Ph

The weight of any object is related to the amount of matter in the object.
The spinning of the wheel of the gyroscope will change the angular 
momentun which is measured in refernce to a certain point. The mass of the 
gyroscope in its whole will remain the same. 

For an example of this. Take a bicycle wheel.Hold the wheel both ends of 
the axle. Get someone to spin the wheel. Now, keep the wheel a distance 
from your body and start to move the wheel in a circle around you, turing 
as you go. You Will feel the weight of the one side of the axle get less 
and of the other side getting heavier. If you obtain the correct speed you 
will be able to keep the wheel in the air by holding on the one side of 
the axle only. If you turn around slower and faster the angle of the wheel 
will change. The net mass remains the same.

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