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Re: sugar inversion & act of invertase enzyme?

Date: Fri Jun 25 15:18:42 1999
Posted By: Carl Custer, Staff, Office Public Health & Science, Scientific Research Oversight Staff , USDA FSIS OPHS
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 929090026.Bc

Question: sugar inversion & act of invertase enzyme?
From: aspurce Email: Fatma
Grade: undergrad
City: turkey, State/Prov.: No state entered. Country: İstanbul
Area: Biochemistry Message ID Number: 929090026.Bc

Fructose is found at the end of the fruit jelly chemical analysis because 
of sugar inversion. But,How it can be possible that Fructose is not found 
at the end of the caramel jelly 
chemical analysis?  

Caramelization breaks open the fructose molecule and thus, there is no 
more fructose. 
Actually, there should be some fructose left but I suspect either your 
analytical method is not sensitive enough to detect it on there is 
interference from the malliard compounds. 
For more info, see:

Carl Custer

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