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Subject: injection of growth hormones ?

Date: Mon Jun 21 15:01:41 1999
Posted by jay
Grade level: undergrad School: Csun
City: northridge State/Province: ca Country: us
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 929995301.Me

hi, i had a question about usage of growth hormones to get 
taller. i have heard that if one gets growth hormones during 
puberty, you can get 4 inches taller but after the growth plates 
have closed that it will just stretch the bones. Is this true?
I have heard a different story from someone else that if the 
hormones are given after plates are closed that the height will 
not be taller but other bones will growth(like eyebrow bones 
will protrude out, forhead bones will grow, etc), making you 
look like an egor. Is there any validity to this?

Re: injection of growth hormones ?

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