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Subject: does time really exist?

Date: Tue Jul 13 13:43:30 1999
Posted by Tops
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Area of science: Physics
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I have come up with a theory that time itself doesnt really 
exist. time is just another theory by scientists. most people 
believe that if you pass or travel at the speed of light you can 
actually travel back or forward in time..but heres my theory: we 
could travel faster than the speed of light but all we would be 
able to do is see something before someone else would actually be 
able to see it..but we couldnt change it because it has already 
happened and has emitted the light to show it has happened. 
what we would be able to change is we would be able to move 
the object around and would just change the light wave but we 
would actually be able to go into the future. now as for my 
question, there is no such thing as time because if there was 
we'd be able to go back and forward in it somehow. but it is 
impossible. we may be moving and other things may be happening 
but it all we are doing is moving around mass and objects in the 
universe..its already happened and there is no way we can change 

Re: does time really exist?

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