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Subject: Do wild cow exist in the U.S.?

Date: Wed Aug 25 01:49:43 1999
Grade level: undergrad School: SUNY NEW PALTZ
City: NEW PALTZ State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 935560183.Zo


while traveling cross country with my friend, brian, i became interested in
cows.  when i suggested to brian that it was possible that wild cows 
existed in the U.S. he immediately responded that this was a foolish 
notion.  so we placed a small wager on their existence.  i need actual 
proof!!!!  i would gladly appreciate any evidence you can give me, even if 
i'm wrong about the "existence of wild cows in the u.s.  thank you dani

Re: Do wild cow exist in the U.S.?

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