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Subject: Evidence for Hunter-Gatherer lifesyle in early pre hominids

Date: Sat Sep 4 08:22:59 1999
Posted by Robin Stevenson
Grade level: nonaligned School: none
City: London State/Province: No state entered. Country: England
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 936447779.Ev

Is there any evidence whatoever for earl pre-hominid species ever adopting 
the suspicioucly victiorian idea of the noble hunter- gatherer type 
culture that many anthropologists seem to support? Our evolutionary path 
would more likely have developed from scavenger culture. upright stance 
and complex communication in social groups being a definite advantage in 
this type of creature as would binocular vision and tool using.I would 
appreciate any comments on this

Re: Evidence for Hunter-Gatherer lifesyle in early pre hominids

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