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Re: Evidence for Hunter-Gatherer lifesyle in early pre hominids

Date: Tue Sep 7 12:07:46 1999
Posted By: Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist, Pre-Med.
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 936447779.Ev

Is there any evidence whatoever for earl pre-hominid species ever adopting 
the suspicioucly victiorian idea of the noble hunter- gatherer type 
culture that many anthropologists seem to support? 
   By pre-hominid I would assume that you refer to the Australopithecines. 
If this is so, then I would have to give you the pros and cons as I know 
them. Australopithecines were the first truly upright and bipedal 
ancestors we have found. The agreed assumption (and there are many) is 
that bipedalism gave a species an advantage by allowing them to: See 
danger and food in the distance by raising the eyes and allow them to 
carry food or children in their arms.
The idea of a hunting and gathering culture would suggest a fairly complex 
culture and the sophistication we see in H.S. sapiens, but it is a trait 
seen in other primates. Gorillas and chimpanzees are known to do this, to 
a degree. I personally agree with you that the early hominids lived a 
scavenging lifestyle if for no other reason than the fact that our bodies 
evolved to eat meat. I suspect that these early humans scavenged, gathered 
and took advantage of any other resource they could get their hands on.
Survival is determined by living to reproduce successfully, however you 
can do it. If there is nothing to scavenge, you hunt and gather, if there 
are plenty of kills to scavenge, then you eat that. Humans are omnivores 
and very good at survival.

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