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Subject: How does one television affect another TV?

Date: Fri Sep 17 01:01:08 1999
Posted by Cyrus Naim
Grade level: undergrad School: UCLA
City: Northridge State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 937544468.Eg

I have two TV's in my house, one very old one and one only a few years 
old.  For some strange reason, the newer one doesn't recieve certain 
channels from our cable provider.  They come in looking scrambled like the 
pay-per-view channels.  By accident, we discovered that we could get the 
tv to show these channels if the other tv was on too.  It didn't have to 
be on the same channel, but simply on.  What effect does the old TV have 
on the new one?

Re: How does one television affect another TV?

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