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Re: How does one television affect another TV?

Date: Mon Sep 27 01:44:23 1999
Posted By: Abtin Spantman, , Electrical Engineering, L. S. Research, Inc.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 937544468.Eg

Hi Cyrus:

There are a number of ways two TVs can interact with each other. But I 
think we have narrowed the problem down to a different factor.

We (I had to consult on this one!) have two working senarios. 
One is that perhaps the new TV is not set properly to receive cable. 
Usually there is a set-up option for this. Verify and make sure that the TV 
is setup properly.
The second scenario is that perhaps the cable signal level is too high for 
the new TV, on the high channels, and when you turn on the second TV, that 
it reduces the signal enough so that the new set can lock on properly. That 
scenario is based on an assumption that the cable company uses pre-emphasis 
on high channels (increases the power on high channels) to compensate for 
the losses, and that the levels of pre-emphasis are over loading the new 
TV. The official recommendation for this is to call the cable provider for 
The unofficial thing you can try is to put an attenuator in series with the 
cable hookup and the TV and see if the TV can lock on.  You can buy such 
attenuators from the stores for a couple of dollars. 
Or, alternatively, and this is officially not recommended, you can put the 
new TV on a channel that doesn't lock (with the old TV off). Then 
disconnect the cable wire from TV set.  Then slowly touch the center wire 
from the cable to the center conductor of the TV cable jack, but don't 
install it all the way. This should, in effect, do the same thing as the 
attenuator, which is to reduce the signal level getting to the TV.  
Hopefully it will lock, and the problem will be solved.  
Either case, I would recommend placing a call to the cable provider service 
department and presenting this problem to them, and see what they have to 
say.  Then I recommend you tell me, as I'm very curious to see how this 
turns out.

Awaiting your feed-back.  

Abtin Spantman

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