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Subject: confused on subject extraction of aluminium

Date: Wed Sep 29 22:23:28 1999
Posted by Pamela Summers
Grade level: undergrad School: n/a
City: Adelaide State/Province: South Australia Country: Australia
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 938658208.Ch

Many sites i have visited on the Internet have provided me with the 
information regarding electrolysis of aluminium, however, each site has 
not offered me information on the environmental and social implications 
involved in the process.  Many sites also contradicted each other 
regarding the harms to the environment(these may have been promotional 
sites).  I am seeking information regarding the environmental implications 
only, and i am finding it to be quite difficult.  How does the mining of 
bauxite effect the environment, how does the cost and energy requirements 
effect society, what is the cost and energy involved in electrolysis of 
aluminium and how does this effect the community??? any assistance to ease 
my confusion would be greatly appreciated.  

Re: confused on subject extraction of aluminium

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