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Subject: using airborne ions to repulse floating contaminants?

Date: Fri Dec 17 00:34:52 1999
Posted by Fred
Grade level: nonaligned School: NCSU
City: Raleigh State/Province: NC Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 945412492.Ph

I know the principle behind negative ion generators, and that they are 
supposed to produce ozone and bond with airborne contaminants in order to 
help them fall to the ground, thus cleaning the air.  My question is, is 
smoke naturally charged one way or the other?  Could you help things along 
and use charge repulsion by connecting yourself to a negative electron 
source also so that you would also "repel" the smoke particles so that 
they wouldn't land on you before settling somewhere else?  I was thinking 
you could sit next to a smoker for hours and possibly not come away 
smelling like an ashtray.  Thanks!

Re: using airborne ions to repulse floating contaminants?

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