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Subject: How to plan Urine production in relation to fluid intake exp?

Date: Mon Feb 7 09:28:09 2000
Posted by Adrian
Grade level: undergrad School: FIS
City: HK State/Province: No state entered. Country: Hong Kong SAR PRC
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 949937289.Gb


For a private investigation I wish to carry out the experiment quoted 
above. However I am unable to find any experimental plans from textbooks 
and the internet alike, and I was hoping you could assist me please.

Thus far my plan is to investigate 2 different fluids in relation to urine 
(a) distilled water
(b) a hypertonic drink 
at different volumes 200/400/800cm3 when relaxing and when excercising.

I am lost on how to plan the exact steps of this investigation to obtain 
results and gain favourable results, which I can graph and apply maths, 
eg. standard deviation. Also is my plan on what I want to do alright, or 
if it needs improvement could you assist me please?

I understand you are a volutary scietist and I may be asking a bit much 
but could you please help as much as you can? Thanks I really appreciate 
the help!


Re: How to plan Urine production in relation to fluid intake exp?

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