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Subject: Define a Chlorine Solution.

Date: Mon Mar 20 18:42:21 2000
Posted by Keith Stewart
Grade level: nonaligned School: None
City: Las Vegas State/Province: NV Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 953599341.Ch

Currently, I am working on a water disinfection facility project.  The 
Building specifications call for valves with  chlorosufanted polethylene 
daiphrams such as "Hypalon".  Except in chlorine solutions and chlorine 
gas lines we are to use valves with diaphrams made of "Teflon".  

The piping process we are constructing mixes potable water with with 
sodium hypochlorite.  

Our interpretation of the specification would allow us to use the the less 
expensive "Hypalon", since we have hypochlorite solutions rather than 
chlorine solutions.  The valve manufacturers state that their "Hypalon" 
diaphrams are compatible with sodium hypachlorite.

The Mechanical Engineer is demanding that we use Teflon diaphram valves 
for the chlorine solutions.

Therefore, I would like to know if a diluted sodium hypochlorite solution 
meets the definition of a chlorine solution.

I feel that if the Engineer in charge of writing the specification wanted 
Teflon diaphrams for the sodium hypochlrite process piping, then he should 
have written the specification just that way.

There is no other process piping involved in this project except the 
sodium hypochlorite lines.

Re: Define a Chlorine Solution.

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