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Subject: Will a 200X microscope show me what is in water

Date: Fri Mar 3 10:55:09 2000
Posted by Corey Webb
Grade level: K-3 School: Meadow Montessori School
City: Monroe State/Province: MI Country: USA
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 952102509.Gb

I am doing a science project on whats in a glass of water.  I want to get 
samples from a creek, river, lake, city water faucet, and well water fauct. 
I want to view each sample in a microscope to see what lives in them.  My 
mom was going to get me the Intel QX-3 microscope for my birthday.  It 
hooks to the computer and magnifies things 200 times.  You can print a copy 
of what you see.  Is 200 times magnification enough to show me what lives 
in a small amount of water?

Re: Will a 200X microscope show me what is in water

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