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Re: Will a 200X microscope show me what is in water

Date: Sun Apr 9 06:11:39 2000
Posted By: Sean Blasdall, Staff, Civil & Environmental Eng, University of NSW
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 952102509.Gb

sounds like a great project good luck with it.
The simple answer to your question is yes. I use a little higher 
magnification for my routine work which involves testing water samples.  At 
200x you will see a lot of different litle bugs in the water.  I do not 
want to outline too much as I do not want to give away what you will find. 
 Just one little suggestion, when you get the water samples from the creek 
etc ask you mom to collect the water from an arms length under the surface 
as well as using water from the top of the pond etc.  This will give you 
some differences 

Good luck  

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