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Subject: is there any way to make the human brain reconize non oraganic body parts

Date: Wed Apr 12 23:06:08 2000
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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I'm writing a report on my future career and have run into a few problems. 
i cant seem to find any information on my particular career. I've always 
had an interest in the brain and ive finally decided what i can do with 
it. I would like to somehow make the human brain reconize and control 
nonorganic body parts. this could be used for people with amputated limbs. 
an artificial limb could be built with small electrical engines that would 
power the limb. now, that bit is easy. anyone can throw a few pipes 
toghether with pivot points and make it mobile with a small engine. 
wouldn't be great if somehow one could hook that electrical arm up to a 
human body? this is what i want to do, figure out a way to make your brain 
reconize these foreign limbs. Could someone please give me some 
information about this subject.

key topics: electrical signals from the brain to nerves
            how the brain reconizes body parts
            ways to make the brain reconize foreign body parts

Re: is there any way to make the human brain reconize non oraganic body parts

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