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Re: What is the blue substance created in electrolosys?

Date: Mon Apr 24 11:03:09 2000
Posted By: Kai Bester, Post-doc/Fellow, Environmental Science, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 955313141.Ch

Now this is a bit puzzling, as little data is available.

I assume the salt is sodium chloride (Normal salt as supplied for e.g. 
cooking?) I also assume the wires are copper wires and are in contact with 
the solution?

If this is so, the blue might be copper chloride (should be blue-greenish)
or, if sulfate is present, blue as copper sulfate may be formed.

I also assume "short" means something like an hour? If it has been days, 
algae growth might be considered.


use sulfate free salt, carefully keep the wire from contact with the

Have fun.

Kai Bester

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