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Subject: Explain how Lynn's Law works.

Date: Sun Apr 2 17:22:21 2000
Posted by Ms. Gentry
Grade level: Teacher 7-9 School: Cape Fear High School
City: Fayetteville State/Province: NC Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 954714141.Ph

When a magnet is placed on the outside of a Cu or Al pipe we know that the 
magnet will not stick to the side of the pipe. However if we drop the 
magnet through the inside of the hollow Cu pipe the magnet will slowly 
fall while turning at the same time. Why? What process is actually 
happening here? Someone told me it was Lens Law but couldn't explain the 
concept. I have 9th graders in a Physical Science course, I would like to 
share this with them but only if I can explain this concept in a way that 
will satisfy them.

Re: Explain how Lynn's Law works.

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