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Subject: Are there tables of the real average path of electrons in matter?

Date: Wed May 24 12:30:46 2000
Posted by pain
Grade level: nonaligned School: Institut de physique nucléaire
City: Orsay State/Province: No state entered. Country: France
Area of science: Physics
ID: 959185846.Ph

I already asked a question on this subject (Has anyone ever measured the 
positron apparent range in matter?) and it was answered by Samuel 
Silverstein faculty, physics, Stockholm University (thank you !) 
unfortunately the answer was not completly satisfying as he proposes to see 
the table from ICRU for electron and positron stopping power (in the 
continuous slowing down approx). In these tables you can get the real path 
of e- or e+ in matter whereas what I would like is the average path (I mean 
the real distance between the beginnig of the trajectory to the end which 
is much smaller than the range since e- and e+ do not travel straigh on in 
matter). I know this question is a subject of interest in positron 
emission tomography imaging so I guess some people have measured it 
already...I have not found already..please help...
Samuel Silberstein told to ask for him as answerer

Re: Are there tables of the real average path of electrons in matter?

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