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Subject: what is meiosis in really really simple terms???

Date: Wed May 10 09:41:24 2000
Posted by jessica
Grade level: 10-12 School: high school
City: perth State/Province: wa Country: australia
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 957966084.Cb

i have read everything on your website about meiosis. i have tried in 
encycolpaedias and in books, everywhere and i still dont understand about 
meiosis. i do understand that it is a form of cell division occuring in 
the reproductive organs and that it the 2 divisions. what i dont 
understand is how do gametes end up with only 23 chromosomes while all 
other cells in the body duplicate exactly......i know you may not answer 
this question, but i am begging you!!! im really really stuck. im normally 
a very capable student but meiosis just doesn't sink in. PLEASE HELP IF 
thanx in advance

Re: what is meiosis in really really simple terms???

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