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Subject: At what temperature (F and C) does Isopropyl burn at (NOT it's flash point)

Date: Fri Sep 1 00:24:15 2000
Posted by Steve E. Williams
Grade level: nonaligned School: Pacific Science Center
City: Seattle State/Province: Wa Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 967782255.Ch

We at the Science Center do a live science demonstration in which we 
perform the famous burning dollar bill trick. In our description of how the 
trick works, we explain that paper must be at 451 degrees F to burn, and 
the burning alcohol burns at "about 300 degrees F." Now, being the curious 
type, I was wondering what the exact temperature the alcohol is burning at. 
To be even more specific, what is the temperature of the alcohol flame?
Also, I am curious exactly how much liquid nitrogen expands from a liquid 
to a gas in volume in 1 atm of pressure. I use the figure 729 times, though 
I can't remember my source.
Many thanks in advance,

Re: At what temperature (F and C) does Isopropyl burn at (NOT it's flash point)

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