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Subject: Seminal Secretions What is last out the Urethra?

Date: Tue Jun 6 15:10:52 2000
Posted by David
Grade level: undergrad School: St Louis Community College
City: St Louis State/Province: MO Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 960318652.An

Specifically trying to order the secretions from the 
bulbourethral--seminal vesicles-testes and prostate.  The only specific I 
have found is that the bulbourethral secretions are first making the 
"pre-ejaculate" and making the environment more conducive to sperm my guess 
is that the next two are in order of distance to travel and that prostate 
is mixed in with these two and probably is the last thing out.

Re: Seminal Secretions What is last out the Urethra?

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