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Subject: Is Sodium Benzoate toxic? Any connection to Benzine?

Date: Fri Sep 1 17:15:21 2000
Posted by Edyth V. Harris
Grade level: School: private search
City: Windsor State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 967842921.Ch

My Chiroprator warned me not to gargle with Glyco Thymoline, a mouthwash
containing Sodium Benzoate because Benzine is toxic. But if it is used
in food  as a flavour enhancer and preservative, how can it be toxic?
Glyco Thymoline, an Edgar Cayce formula, is an alkaline mouthwash  and 
more, according to my information. Thank you very much for you help, Edyth
Thank you for your help

Re: Is Sodium Benzoate toxic? Any connection to Benzine?

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