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Subject: How do I prevent cable from interfering with my computer sound?

Date: Mon Aug 28 22:42:38 2000
Posted by Todd Bala
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: Herkimer State/Province: NY Country: usa
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 967516958.Cs

This has been a problem with me for years, in different locations, 
different cable companies, computers, recievers etc. 
With my cable going to my VCR, and the VCR audio out going to my reciever 
via RCA cables.  And my sound card connected to any of the inputs on the 
reciever via standard headphone cable with a headphone to RCA splitter.
When listening to the channel the computer is on,  There is a constant 
HUMM/BUZZ.  If I disconnect the cable from my VCR it's gone.  If I 
disconnect the RCA cables from the VCR to the reciever it's gone. 

How do I use my reciever for VCR/Cable/Computer without the buzz, without 
constantly disconnecting cables?

Re: How do I prevent cable from interfering with my computer sound?

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