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Re: How do I prevent cable from interfering with my computer sound?

Date: Wed Oct 18 02:10:55 2000
Posted By: Gus Calabrese aka puppet boy, Design Engineer
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 967516958.Cs

I am thinking this may be a ground loop problem.  There are some things you 
can try.

First, some questions.  Do you have the buzz with any of your other sound 
sources selected ?  For example, your CD layer or your tape deck ?  Are the 
tape deck and CD player built in or external items ?  Is there a buzz when
sound card is disconnected and the inputs that the sound card was using are 
not connected to anything and are selected ?

If your VCR has a location to attach a ground, do the following:
attach a heavy wire (14 gauge or thicker) to the VCR ground and to the 
receiver ground connection (If there is one) and to the computer case and 
attach the wire to a solid earth such as a cold water pipe.  Do any 
connection changes while the various components (VCR, computer, receiver) 
are unplugged.  See if the buzz is affected.  Try different combinations.

Use a part of the computer case that is bare metal with a screw in it.  The 
screws holding the computer power supply are a good choice.

Make sure that the cable coming to your VCR is making good contact to the 
VCR. (check both the center wire of the cable and especially the outside 
shield of the cable.)

The ground wires should be as short as possible.

Feel free to contact me at if this does not work and you want 
to try more options.

Gus Calabrese

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