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Subject: Can someone artificially trigger a mega-tsunami from Las Palmas?

Date: Fri Oct 13 09:06:38 2000
Posted by Mark Rugman
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Area of science: Earth Sciences
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I recently watched a TV programme describing how the collapse of the 
western side of the volcanic island of Las Palmas (I think) in the Canary 
Islands could trigger a mega-tsunami of over 100m which would travel 
across the Atlantic and strike the easter coast of the US.  The collapse 
would be triggered by an erruption heating the water trapped inside the 
volcano and causing it to expand and push the wester half of the island 
into the sea.  I got to thinking that this would be a cool James Bond 
movie plot - would it be possible for a mad scientist (no pun intended!) 
to trigger such an event?  How would one go about it?  Cheers!

Re: Can someone artificially trigger a mega-tsunami from Las Palmas?

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