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Subject: VRD--Kip S. Thorne book

Date: Tue Oct 10 10:48:29 2000
Posted by Carlos Romo
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My name is Fabian Romo and I live in Quito Ecuador South America at Latitude
0 0 0. I like astronomy a lot and I have two Meade telescopes: one 16 inches
(Equatorial) and one 10 inches (Dobsonian) and I use to read books about
astronomy and cosmology.

LEGAGY", and based on the page 40 paragraph that I am copying to you; "with
a 1-g acceleration for the first half of the trip and 1-g deceleration
during the second half, the voyage will require 2 billion years as measured
on Earth, but, thanks to the speed-induced warpage of time, only 42 years as
measured by the crew in the starship."

I have some questions:

1). Can you find Kip S. Thorne E-mail and send it to me?

If the first question is not possible:
2). Can you send me the formulae that was used to make those calculations?
3). What was the maximum velocity of the starship?

4). Assuming that our body can resist 20 g accelerations and that we have
enough fuel:
5). What will be the maximum starship time that we can accelerate so we do
not exeed 75% of the light speed? In term of years, what will mean for the
Universe that trip?

6). What will mean for the Universe in term of years a 10 year starship
acceleration at 20 g? What will be the maximum velocity?

I will apreciate if you can answer for me this questions.



Re: VRD--Kip S. Thorne book

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