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Subject: Sports Medicine Hot tub or Cold tub what are all the effects?

Date: Mon Oct 16 11:49:56 2000
Posted by Fred Eldredge
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: SLC State/Province: UT Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 971711396.Me

If one works out anaerobicly and then goes into a hot tub it is my 
understanding that this will cause greater blood flow to the body and can 
cause swelling to occur and thus greater soreness.
If one works out and then soaks in a tub of cold water (or ices a certain 
part of the body) then it reduces blood flow and swelling and thus reduces 
the soreness. 

If what has been stated is true and not speaking of major injuries just 
the very minor injuries that normally take place when one lifts weights. 
Will I get better or quicker gains if I do one or the other above options? 
Could it be through greater circulation and greater soreness quicker 
adaptation to the workload takes place, or does the additional swelling 
just cause damage with no additional benefit. Or will icing the areas be 
more effective? Why is this so?

An extensive factual answer would be appreciated.
Thanks much for your time and efforts!

Re: Sports Medicine Hot tub or Cold tub what are all the effects?

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