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Subject: What kind of agar do i use, and what is agar?

Date: Sun Nov 5 15:16:39 2000
Posted by erica
Grade level: 7-9 School: iron horse middle school
City: san ramon State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 973455399.Gb

Hello my name is Erica and i am doing a science fair project to see what 
kind of facial cleanser works the best it being a natural remedy, pore 
cleansing pads, astringents, soap and water, or cream/foam cleansers. TO do 
this i have about 15 boys and girls that will not cleanse thei face for 
about 4 days and then they will press either their cheek or chin i havent 
decide which one into a petri dish. And several days later they will come 
back and test a product so on until all my products are tested. After each 
product is tested they again press their face into a petri dish. Then i 
will  compare the amount of bacteria in the original to all the product 
petri dishes so i can determine which facial cleanser works the best. I 
have see lots of questions on your site regarding agar. What is agar, and 
do i need it in my project. If you could think of anything else that will 
help me in doing this project, it would be greatly appreciated. Please get 
back to me as soon as possible because the science fair is soon. thank you. 

Re: What kind of agar do i use, and what is agar?

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