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Re: If bitten by a poisonous animal, do people die by shock ?

Date: Sat Nov 11 15:33:39 2000
Posted By: Bryan Grieg Fry, Ph.D. candidate, Centre for Drug Design & Development
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 969312657.Me

Sorry this took so long to answer, I've been out in the field collecting 
sea snakes.

In answer to your question, for insect envenomations allergic shock is the 
usual cause of death.  For most other envenomation, allergic shock is not 
as much of a contributing factor towards death.  This is not to say that it 
does not occur but just at a much lower frequency.  As for staying calm, 
this is beneficial because the more active the victim is, the quicker the 
venom spreads.  While staying calm will not ensure you will survive, it 
does greatly increase the odds of survival.

For more info on venomous animals, have a look at my database at

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