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Re: Which fruit juice has the most vitamin c content?

Date: Mon Nov 27 16:52:47 2000
Posted By: Jean Bergeron, Staff, Food Science, Quebec Dept. of Agriculture
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 974005745.Ag

One of the best source of information is the Nutrient Data Laboratory of the USDA at http://

Browsing there, I was able to find those vitamin C values (mg per cup):

orange: 50
apple: 41
grape: 24
tomato: 18
grapefruit: 38
Sunny Delight: Not available

Please note that these values may depend on the kind of juice: fresh, made from concentrated with vitamin C added or not, etc.

An interesting experiment to do in school is to measure the content of vitamin C yourself. There are many well written methods on the web, including this one: funexperiments/quickndirty/csustan/vitaminc.htm

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