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Subject: Can you help me identify my caterpillar?

Date: Sun Nov 5 15:54:53 2000
Posted by Robin
Grade level: 7-9 School: Venado Middle School
City: Irvine State/Province: California Country: US
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 973457693.Zo

Hello. I have caught a caterpillar - it is red, the underside of it is 
white, it has indistinct white stripes right above its legs - which make 
two white stripes, and it feeds off of my pepper plant. I caught another 
green caterpillar from the pepper plant also, and the red caterpillar ate 
it. The caterpillar is also slightly hairy, though you have to look pretty 
closely to see that. The little pincher-like things that are its mouth are 
black. Help me identify this - I have searched many web pages and found 
nothing like it (other than some Australian caterpillars.) Thanks.

Re: Can you help me identify my caterpillar?

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