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Re: mathematical biology text book recomendation

Date: Fri Jan 26 09:50:19 2001
Posted By: Bela Tiwari, Staff, Bioinformatics Centre, Oxford University
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 973936922.Ge

Dear Steve,

The following recommendation has come from people working in the field of 
mathematical biology. I hope they suit your needs:

There are a number of books in biochemical networks.  Voit's book is -
perhaps - the only which mention gene networks.  Here are the

 AUTHOR          :Fell, David
 TITLE           :Understanding the control of metabolism / by David Fell.
 SUBJECT         :Metabolism -- Regulation
 SERIES          :Frontiers in metabolism, 1353-6516 ; 2
 PLACE           :London :
 PUBLISHER       :Portland Press,
 DATE            :1997.
 ISBN/ISSN       :185578047X (pbk)

 AUTHOR          :Heinrich, Reinhart, 1946-
 ADDED NAMES     :Schuster, Stefan
 TITLE           :The regulation of cellular systems / Reinhart Heinrich
                  Stefan Schuster.
 SUBJECT         :Cell metabolism -- Regulation -- Mathematical models
                  Control theory
 PLACE           :New York :
 PUBLISHER       :Chapman & Hall,
 DATE            :c1996.
 ISBN/ISSN       :0412032619

The following book is quite new:

Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems, by Eberhard O. Voit.
544 pages (1 October, 2000), Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521785790

These are the best title if you need an introduction to understand the
basic tools and then investigate some references in the literature.

Good luck with your studies.

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