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Re: Facial features and personality

Date: Sun Jan 28 14:46:14 2001
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 980201632.An

hi Erica .. :)
this is a very intresting question .... perhaps this is not anatomy .. 
aneways .... for an ordinary person this is impossible to judge someone 
else by just lookin at him/her or just by looking at her/his photograph. 
Although some astrologist do tell peoples personailty from facial features 
but this is something else .... alll of the things u have written a 
stubborn chin, a hero's cleft, jolly dimples etc etc are the things taken 
from some of the astrologist's book, which is not true for everybody. One 
can't judge other person until or unless he know him ... so you are right 
we are born with that instict to read other peoples facial features by our 
knowlegde ... either its right or wrong. but we are not genitically 
programmed  to reflects our personality traits in our facial expressions. 
But things can be changes from someone's own behaviour.
sHibbi :o)

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