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Subject: Is it unhealthy to sleep with too many blankets?

Date: Mon Oct 16 15:42:51 2000
Posted by Brian Keck
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Montana
City: Missoula State/Province: Montana Country: US
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 971725371.An

Hello MAD scientists!
Didn't have much luck in the archives so here goes. I usually sleep 6-10 
hours a night and was wondering what the human sleep perameters are? I 
usually wake up once or twice in the morning and go back to sleep. Is it 
suggested to get up as soon as you wake? Lately I've been sleeping up to at 
least 10 hours, is this excessive? And last but not least, I sleep with 
about 5 blankets and although not excessively hot, was wondering if being 
overly-heated is hard on your body? Kind of an odd question, but obviiously 
makes it all that much harder to get out of bed and seems to kinda' drag me 
down, feel excessively tired and not really rejuvinated in the morning. I'll 
do some more general sleep researsh but haven't had success w/ my sleeping 
temperature question.
Thank You!
Brian A.Keck

Re: Is it unhealthy to sleep with too many blankets?

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