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Re: Is it unhealthy to sleep with too many blankets?

Date: Thu Feb 8 11:55:53 2001
Posted By: Blinda Carnley, Staff, Medical Intensive Care Unit/RN,BSN, Good Shepherd Medical Center
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 971725371.An

I found no literature that indicated that "too much cover was unhealthy."
However, you must ask yourself some questions concerning the cover. Do you
have a respiratory problem? If you do then you need to consider the material
your covers are made of. Do they produce a lot of dust? Look around your
bedroom and check the dust level. Do you wash them, are they even washable?
Do you throw them in the dryer bimonthly to "de-fuzz" them? They obviously
help you sleep or you wouldn't be sleeping under them. From an empirical
standpoint there is nothing wrong with them and no data I found to indicate
About the temperature. If the temperature is not comfortable you would not 
sleeping you would be kicking the covers off so your body is comfortable.
When we sleep our body temperature generally falls. Maybe that is what makes
you "need" more covers.
As for sleep parameters here are the guidelines I found - they are quite
strange so yours can fit anywhere into them I'm sure. Newborn up to 20 
Child 8-14 hours. Adults 3-12 hours with the mean of 7-8 hours. Parameters
are dictated by your bodys need for sleep. You should not go to bed unless
you are sleepy. and the choice id yours about whether to get up when you 
up. Are you a procrastinator? If so you probably need to get up when you 
up. However if you are training your sleep habits you need to keep on trying
different methods of sleep until you train your body to sleep at the
appropriate time.
And about the amount of time you sleep. Are you working harder physically
than usual? Are your working mentally harder than usual? Are you overly
stressed and have become somewhat depressed? All these things can effect 
sleep time. Do some personal investigation and then consider what is optimal
for you. Here are some links that may give you more information. Have a good
rxlist.comcgi/generic/  and also 
National institutes of Health,.

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