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Re: Where did 'Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist, Pre-Med' get his maggot info?

Date: Sun Feb 11 20:52:37 2001
Posted By: Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist and Ordnance Expert
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 981577975.Me


I knew maggots would eat healthy flesh from prior military service. The British SAS will use maggots to clean out infected wounds when no other form of treatment is available.

I can cite the actual literary description of this military practice here : Combat and Survival. H.S. Stuttman, publ. ISBN # 0-87475-560-3 vol 12, page 713.

My second source was from speaking to a vet (animal doctor) who described to me the process of a maggot infestation in housepets.

If you would like some web pages to look at, I found one handy :

look under description of Screwworm fly maggots.

Or just look up maggot in Encarta

Most definitions say they "tend" to eat rotten flesh and avoid living flesh. I suspect that is because living animals don't usually let it go on long enough for us to see it happen very often.

Here is another site: Look under "maggot infestation" (Myiasis)

I hope I have been helpful; have fun with those maggots !

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